Episode 1.01 - Series Premier "Buried"

A local girl is found dead of an apparent mauling. But there is something strange going on, something dark and hideous that will drag the ancient past into the spotlight. Meanwhile, the cast connect and develop friendship and team skills and deal with personal problems.

Recap of Episode:

People of Note:

Lawrence Kepler – Head Honcho of the Morningstar Foundation
Amanda Pierce – Earth Friends. Attracted to Charlie. Also somehow connected to his deceased wife.
Jennifer Drake – Cultist of some as yet unknown “god”
“Paula” in “Accounting” – only mentioned. Vygoth Beast. Communicates with odours and pheromones, none of which tend to be overly pleasant. Requires a special environment where she can soak in her own fetid juices. Reportedly one hell of a baker. The whole office loves her scones.

“Supercoke” – unknown narcotic located in Jennifer Drake’s apartment.

Book “The King in Yellow” – last copy of a “forbidden” play. The first act is innocent. Any person ever reading beyond that has either gone insane or ended up dead or worse.

Book “Cultes des Goules” – Book of black magic. Contains numerous spells.

Stone tablet with strange symbol on the cover. Given to Kyle by a strange chittering creature in a secret cavern in high park.


Ashley pulling off a startlingly badass move: Leaping into the air onto the back of a Byakee, and then tearing it’s head clean off it’s body.

Ashley assuming chloroform is responsible for her swapping into her demonic visage. And insisting upon it regardless of facts.

Kyle constantly keeping tabs on his narcotics. And then leaving them behind at the suit store along with his money.

Charlie TASTING the foul, bizarre , glowy green substance that smelled like a rotting corpse. And finding it tasted exactly like it smelled.



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