Demon Hunter.



Strength: 6 (2+4 from bonuses)
Dexterity: 7 (3+4 from bonuses)
Constitution: 7 (3+4 from bonuses)

Intelligence: 4
Perception: 5 (4+1 from bonus)
Willpower: 5 (4+1 from bonus)


Acrobatics: 5
Computers: 1
Crime: 1
Driving: 1
Getting Medieval: 4 (3+1 from bonus)
Gun Fu: 2
Influence: 4
Knowledge: 2 – Demon Lore
Kung Fu: 6 (1 from bonus)
Notice: 4
Occultism: 3 (
1 from bonus)
Sports: 3 (+2 from bonus)

Breakdown of Attribute/Skill Bonuses
Demon/Half Demon Quality: +3 Bonus to Strength and Constitution, +2 Bonus to Dexterity

Demon Hunter: +1 bonus to two combat skills (Getting Medieval and Kung Fu), +1 bonus to Occultism, +1 bonus to any 3 Attributes (Dex, Perception and Willpower)

Athlete Quality: +1 bonus to each physical Attribute, +2 bonus to Sports skill.

Demon/Half Demon – Gri-ah (14pts)
Included qualities: Hard To Kill (2pt), Increased Life (1pt), Regeneration (per minute)
Demon Hunter (4pt)
Situational Awareness (2pt)
Attractiveness (3pt – from drawbacks)
Contacts -supernatural (2pt – from drawbacks)
Athlete (4pt – from drawbacks)

Included in Demon Hunter quality: Adversary (1pt), Mild Delusion – supes are evil (1pt)
Honourable (2pt) – code of honour based on Martial Arts and killing evil things
Obsession (2pt) – obsessed with finding demon that I feel was at the root cause of my break-up
Recurring Nightmares (1pt) – because I’m half demon and don’t know it
Resources (2pt) – Hurting
Secret (2pt) – being half demon


- adopted (does NOT know she is adopted….yet)
- grew up “normal”, competitive, natural at sports so was encouraged by parents. Sports included martial arts (competitive – not sure of specific types or should keep general) fencing (competitive), gymnastics, running/hurdles (competitive in school)
- as she got older, started finding it very easy to win, and after a couple of small incidents where she shouldn’t have been able to achieve what she did, she started holding back and eventually stopped competing.
- moved from Hamilton to T.O for university, to study sports sciences with the goals of teaching sportsmanship/ethics and honourable fighting.
Adversary/ why is she a demon hunter? :
- boyfriend while living in Hamilton. Found out he was part of a secret cult that worshipped a demon (you choose the demon, of course!) Besides being shocked then fascinated that this world of monsters even exists, she wouldn’t join the cult. Supporting these unnatural creatures just seemed wrong. She felt a strong ethical desire that they shouldn’t be in our world. After months of arguing about it with her boyfriend, learning more about this and other demons, and promises not to “out” him, she left him…and the city.
- Still morbidly curious about these creatures, started making connections in Toronto and using basic research skills (she’s not the studying type:p) was able to source out where some lesser demons, vamps lurked and has convinced herself that fate has made her strong and showed her these otherworldly beings so that she can destroy them! It’s possible she has a bit of an ego:p


Mythos Jeanette