Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 1
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 4
Willpower: 1


Computers: 5
Crime: 4
Knowledge: 5
Languages: 2
Mr. Fixit: 4
Occultism: 1
Science: 4


Brainiac: 4
Criminal/Wise-Guy: 2
Situational Awareness: 2 (gives +2)
Resources: 2


Junkie (5)
Mental Problems (2)


To minimize his squishiness, Kyle carries several tazers, wears kevlar, and when he remembers, also wears a helmet :P


Kyle’s only ties are to his co-conspirators, and to his online gf (nympho_geisha22), who is also a hacker, and has no time or inclination to meet him. This suits Kyle just fine. A little online flirting once in a while, and then nothing but brief exchanges about Kyle’s latest “paranoid delusions” (as she endearingly likes to call them). His family disowned him long ago after a backfired ultimatum that he get into rehab or else. Kyle chose “or else.” It was the discovery that constantly replenishing with bumps of coke helped him to stay awake for 49 hours straight, thus allowing him to dig up all kinds of financial records on this mysterious “Watchers” organization. Honestly, how can this be a bad thing? Family…who needs ’em?

Likes to spend nights sleeping on the streets among the homeless, where he can keep a close ear to strange goings-on and do his best to help people.


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