Episode 1.02 "The Broker"

The cast gets their private offices set up. They also meet a new and mysterious contact who specializes in the unknown, but the price for information may be too high.

Meanwhile: Kyle delves into the mysteries of the Super Drug, Ashley tries to deal with her newly manifested demonic side and Charlie seeks answers on exactly who he is.

Current Questions: The strange stone tablet with the glowing yellow symbol on it. The book titled “The King in Yellow”.

Episode Recap: The cast was stumped on how to learn more info on the Tablet and it’s symbol. As such, they opted to seek out a demon known as The Broker. A Byblos demon, the Broker is a master of knowledge and collection. He’s also a pretty decent guy, once you get past the creepy secret collection stuff. He’s one of the top collectors in the New World of occult artifacts and tomes. Chances are , he’ll get the info. One catch though…the cast had to fetch the Veil of Shai’Nach from a group of vamps that stole it from him through robbing a courier truck.

They accepted the deal, and sought out information on where the vamps could be living. They sought info at the scene of the crime. Kyle surmised that it was likely they had surfaced from the sewers. Easy access to and from the scene of the crime.

Charlie had a date with Amanda, who went missing about the same time the adventure started. Thus far they have no info on it (because we forgot lol. So we will handle that next session)

Ashley and Charlie sought info at a bar about the vampire pack, and talked to Kevin. Kevin is the same sort of demon as Angels contact “Merl” was. Weasely, but not entirely uncharismatic. Genuinely nice, though. For a demon. While there, Ash learned that enough hard liquor can trigger her to change into her demon form. She is still learning to cope with that half of herself.

There they learned that the vampires were likely hiding in the sewers near Dundas/College area.

Kyle was having lucid hallucinations, which got a bit stronger through the episode.

We concluded with the cast facing a seemingly invisible guard dog, making it run away in pain and panic, and then stealing the Veil from the apparently unoccupied vampire lair. The cast then left the sewers into an alley getting close to sunset, where Kyle saw his “peripheral” hallucinations up close. Crab/Spider-like creatures, with eyeballs on each joint of their limbs and a single large eye on the back. At least 10 of them.


The Broker – Easy enough to get along with if you are on his good side. Seems like a decent enough guy, even if he is guarded by two HUGE, steroid-fueled guards.

Kevin -Weasely barkeep of the demon bar “John’s Place”, a decrepid, seemingly abandoned establishment.


Headquarters - previously Industry Nightclub. Purchased in full by Kyle with aid from the Morningstar Foundation. A loft/open concept style office, two floors. Several offices.

Clout: Financial (2) [Holding Its Own]
Governmental (1) [ Connected ]
Supernatural (1) [ Arcane ]
Quarters (1) [ Medium ]
Security (Physical) (1) [ Standard ]
Gear: Computers (3) [Top of the Line]
Vehicles (0) [ Company Car – Impala]
Weapons (1) [ Getting Medieval]

Funny Stuff : “Fucking chloroform…” -Ash when she changes faces.
“Well, I take a bump…” – Kyle after hallucinating wildly.
“Are you okaaaaaaay ???” – Charlie to Ash about her game-face.



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