Campaign Themesong:
“Bones” by MsMr

Intro Sequence:

Skyline shot of Toronto at night

Character 1: Charlie
- Leaping from roof to roof with a sword in his hand
- Looking depressed and anguished as he punches a mirror
- Decapitating a vampire and it turns to dust

cultists in crimson robes wielding crooked knives

Character 2: Kyle
- Tinkering with tools to create some sort of device
- Huge plate of drugs, and a crooked grin on his face
- Assembling a state of the art computer

A shot of a huge, tentacled form in deep shadows, throwing a car

Character 3: Ashley
- Surrounded by vampires, smiling wide as she beckons them onward
- Crying over someone’s body, looking to the sky
- her “Game Face” Slipping on and her looking very surprised by it

Finger’s wiping dust off of a strange tome without a title…just a symbol on it

Character 4: Book Guy
- Researching over a desk
- Cocking a crossbow, and taking aim
- Eating a disgustingly huge hamburger

Shot of the cast side by side, walking down a hallway a-la Angel later seasons.


Jeanette DanSmith DanPeltier